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DiXi Group was founded in 2008 in Kyiv as a think tank involved in research and consultations in the energy sphere – on the crossroads of politics, public relations, safety and investments.

The advantages of DiXi Group’s development include its multitasking and multi-sectoral nature. The Centre combines both professional analysis of performance and reforms in the specific sector and wider tasks – strengthening transparency and accessibility of energy policy, improved governance, cooperation of the government with the public and business. 

DiXi Group works both with specific amendments to the legislation that need to be introduced in order to improve the sector’s performance, and with more general topics such as Ukraine-EU-Russia relations, and regional energy policy. 

From the time of its foundation and until today, DiXi Group has been working on strengthening transparency in the energy industry.

In 2009, we became a co-founder of the “EnergoTransparency” Association, which promotes the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) standard in Ukraine. 

In 2012-2013, DiXi Group was able to set an all-Ukrainian network encompassing over 28 NGOs, establish a system of information and analytical support for the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, develop and implement a pilot study of the Energy Sector Transparency Index (ESTI), which is a tool for an objective assessment of the situation in the market and reforms efficiency as well as a benchmark for local and foreign investors. 

An immediate result was the creation in 2013 of a Multi-Stakeholder Group and Ukraine’s accession to the EITI as a Candidate. Today, DiXi Group is an active member of this Group and a leading actor promoting Ukraine’s movement toward the ЕІТІ standard. 

Furthermore, DiXi Group is an active participant of the international network called Publish What You Pay, and it is strengthening its role: in 2014, a representative of our organisation became a member of the PWYP Board and a coordinator of this movement for the Eurasia region. Having started in 2009 with the study of openness of sectoral authorities and access to information, DiXi Group has since 2011 been involved in carrying out public control of activities of the Ukrainian governmental bodies.

In particular, our organisation’s experts are members of public councils under the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, the State Service for Geology and Mineral Resources, and in 2012-2014 – also in the National Commission for State Energy Regulation (NERC). In 2014, DiXi Group launched several projects in the anti-corruption sphere – namely, implying detection and description of illegal schemes in the mining industry, development of the methodology for ongoing monitoring of the situation.

From the beginning of its activities, DiXi Group has concentrated on informing the parties interested in Ukrainian energy policy and on creating platforms for their successful dialogue

Founded in 2008, the information and analytical resource (website), Ukrainian Energy (www.ua-energy.org), became a point of access for the target audience: specialised journalists and editors of information agencies and national media; expert community and civil society activists; top and medium level decision-makers; representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organisations; interested domestic and foreign investors.

 In 2014, the website readership exceeded 800 unique visitors a day; the daily mailing list has more than 650 addressees of the Ukrainian language version, and more than 350 addressees of the English version (launched in 2011). 

The website, which is functioning as an independent source of information, enabled us to develop a wide network of contacts within a short period of time among companies and governmental bodies as well as among experts, journalists, and civil society organisations. This allows DiXi Group to form the most targeted audience for circulation of information, expand projects in various spheres, and select a professional team both at Ukrainian and international level for implementing different projects. 

In 2013, DiXi Group introduced an information and analytical hub – the Kyiv Unconventional Gas Institute (http://newgas.org.ua/), whose goal is to provide an independent platform for a public dialogue on unconventional gas exploration and production. Its task is to ensure provision of unbiased factual information about development of shale gas, condensed tight sand gas, coalbed methane, methane hydrates – both in and outside Ukraine. 

In 2012-2014, DiXi Group conducted a series of studies on the practice of regulation of a social dialogue on unconventional gas extraction in other countries, namely the USA, Great Britain, Poland, France, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Currently, DiXi Group starts more applied research – analysis of the best regulatory practices that can be used in Ukraine, evaluation of social and economic impact of unconventional gas development in Kharkiv Oblast.

Based on its experience of communication with target audiences, DiXi Group sees the need to strengthen the education component of its activities – in order to ensure a more professional discussion of the priorities of the energy sector development in Ukraine. DiXi Group develops its work in the sphere of facilitating reforms according to the European model. 

In 2011-2013, it monitored implementation of Ukraine’s commitments under the treaty establishing the Energy Community; since 2013, analytical reports with recommendations have been presented not only in Ukraine but also for the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna and representatives of European institutions in Brussels. DiXi Group is also a member of the Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, namely, its representative is a coordinator of the Energy Subgroup of the Working Group 3 “Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security”. Furthermore, since 2012, our expert has been involved in preparing the European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries. 

In 2014, with the EU support, DiXi Group started a more operative monitoring and promotion, advocacy of reforms provided for within the Energy Community commitments. We succeeded in uniting experts of the leading think tanks and civil society organisations in the energy and environment industries into the Energy Reform coalition (http://enref.org/). The coalition conducts monthly monitoring of implementation of these commitments, builds on the political dialogue with the key interest groups, representative and executive bodies. The first success stories of the Energy Reforms coalition included adoption by the government of the revised plan of implementation of EU directives and rules of procedure as well as promotion of the specific “flagship” draft laws (on the gas market, on evaluation of environmental impact). Moreover, the coalition is finishing development of the Energy Reforms Roadmap that will set forth specific proposals on implementing the provisions of EU directives and rules of procedure. 

In 2015, the DiXi Group has been actively engaged in the implementation of the European laws in the energy sector in Ukraine. DiXi Group has been taking part in developing a number of legal acts and has been involved in discussing reforms in nearly all energy sub-industries: gas market, electric power, energy efficiency, regulator’s activity, energy statistics. DiXi Group advocates implementation of European reforms in the industry, expands the circle of partnerships with non-governmental organisations and initiatives. 

The DiXi continues to implement anticorruption projects and monitor implementation of Ukraine’s commitments to the Energy Community.

DiXi Group is active in circulating information about the European energy commitments of Ukraine among journalists, explaining the required changes and their meaning to the general public.

At an international level, DiXi Group implemented in 2009 a number of projects, including those supported by the International Renaissance Foundation, Revenue Watch Institute, Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine, Embassy of Poland in Ukraine, Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (German Marshall Fund of the United States), and other donor organisations. 

The projects regularly involve leading experts from research and development institutions as well as think tanks from Great Britain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. At the same time, the international dimension of DiXi Group’s activities is currently limited to participation in events (conferences, workshops), for which there is not always enough time, involvement of our specialists as country experts, and networking activities within the EITI/PWYP framework. Therefore, the priority is DiXi Group’s inclusion in large international consortiums involved in research and development of policy products. DiXi Group constantly expands the range of its analytical and research products. 

Having started in 2008-2009 with a small study on the level of transparency of governmental bodies in the energy sphere,

DiXi Group today publishes annual research reports (since 2012), quarterly (Ukrainian, English) and monthly (Ukrainian) monitoring reports on implementation of commitments under the Energy Community Treaty (starting from 2014), weekly analytical reviews of developments in the energy sector at an international level and in Ukraine (starting from 2011), as well as subject-specific materials (e.g. safety of shale gas extraction, information about the ЕІТІ, Roadmap to Energy Security in Ukraine; starting from 2010).

DiXi Group products

Energy Transparency Index

Energy Transparency Index is a universal tool that allows comprehensively assessing the information openness of the country’s energy sector, analyzing transparency by individual indicators, categories, criteria, and energy markets in detail, monitoring progress in dynamics and in comparison with other countries

Mobile application
“Energy Online”

on Google Play 
and App Store.
The mobile application was designed to optimize the interaction between service providers and their consumers in the energy sector in order to simplify access to information and increase transparency in the energy sector of Ukraine

Kyiv School of Energy Policy (KSEP)


The school functions as an independent center of advanced training in the field of energy, contributing to the creation of a professional community of managers of the energy sector.

Online map of the
energy sector

of Ukraine


The interactive map contains comprehensive information about the movement of flows of raw materials and cash flows in the sectors of gas, electricity, heat and petroleum products

Analytical products

The analytics includes weekly monitoring of energy sector developments by DiXi Group experts and individual analytical products and reports on specific topics

The website
“Ukrainian energy”

The information and analytical resource “Ukrainian Energy UA-Energy.org” functions as a unique platform for informing and discussing the main events in the Ukrainian energy sector.


A regular analytical product of DiXi Group, offering an overview of the state permitting activities (issuance, sale, revocation of subsoil licenses, including dynamics), updates in legislation on the extractive industry, environment, and energy resources, as well as registered draft laws.  NadraMonitor is available as weekly and monthly issues.

Our platforms


Independent energy educational center


National website of Extractive Industries Transparensy Initiative in Ukraine 


Information and analitical website “Ukrainian Energy UA-Energy.org” is unique   platform to inform

Our platforms


Independent energy educational center


National website of Extractive Industries Transparensy Initiative in Ukraine 


Information and analitical website “Ukrainian Energy UA-Energy.org” is unique   platform to inform