Weekly analytical report: March 25 - March 31 2019

5 April – 05 April 2019

In this issue: - The Nord Stream 2 project continues to encounter resistance on part of European countries and the United States, - The increase of own gas production is one of the preconditions for a more comfortable transition to market pricing in the retail market,...

Weekly analytical report: April 1 - April 7 2019

10 April – 10 April 2019

In this issue: - Despite the ongoing construction, the Nord Stream 2 project has suffered a numberof defeats that could significantly complicate its implementation, - Ukraine has ended the heating season with maximum gas reserves for the last fiveyears, but the payments situation...

Annual Monitoring Report "Ukraine and Association Agreement: Endless Repair"

18 April – 18 April 2019

The project “Enhancing impact of civil society in monitoring and policy dialogue on energy and related sectors’ reforms in line with the Association Agreement implementation” presents the monitoring report on Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the Association...

DiXi Group Alert: Russia’s fuel blockade is a step to destabilize the situation in Ukraine

18 April – 18 April 2019

Creating artificial shortages of fuel byRussia is aimed at destabilizing the situationand strengthening political andeconomic pressure on Ukraine.

Weekly analytical report: April 15 - April 21 2019

16 April – 16 April 2019

In this issue: - Heated by elections campaign, the dispute between the government and Naftogaz isescalating again, this time regarding the regulated gas prices, - While supporting Ukraine in the matters of keeping gas transit, Western partnersemphasize the need for long-term...

1 May – 01 May 2019

Daily balancing: as new working mode of the Ukrainian gas market

10 May – 10 May 2019

Daily balancing is the precise coverage of gas demand with gas supply within one day period. It is secured through the Information Platform of Daily Balancing as created by the Ukrainian transmission system operator (TSO) – Ukrtransgaz. Daily balancing will help make the natural gas...

Weekly analytical report: May 13 - May 19 2019

24 May – 24 May 2019

In this issue: - In the context of probable suspension of gas transit after January 1, 2020, both theUkrainian and the Russian sides take preventive measures depending on their goals, - As the government’s resolution on amendments to Naftogaz charter (on appointmentand...

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