Public appeal on importance of the draft law on regulator

26 May 2016
"DiXi Group" think tank and "Stronger together" Initiative  published an appeal to the EU Delegation to Ukrainethe Energy Community Secretariat,  the European Commission Support Group for Ukraine and the World Bank  asking to emphasize the importance of adopting the law on the National Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (reg. No. 2966-д).
The authors of the appeal are strongly supportive of making NERC members appointed from candidates selected in an open and competitive manner by independent Nominating Committee. In turn, the Nominating Committee shall be formed by professional, not political principle. Ukraine has already been applied similar approaches, including the election of members of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.
Here is the text of the appeal:


Jan Tombinski
Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine

Janez Kopač,
Director of the Energy Community Secretariat

Torsten Woellert,
Energy & Environment Team Leader of the European Commission Support Group for Ukraine

Qimiao Fan,
World Bank Country Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova




On May 18, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’s Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, following a tense discussion, , decided to recommend to the Parliament to adopt in second reading the draft law on the National Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (reg. No. 2966-д).


For more than a year has this draft law remained in the Parliament under review and finalization procedure bythe MPs and the experts, both local and international. The Committee has created a dedicated working group, which processed the draft law article by article in an open and transparent manner. All stakeholders were given an opportunity to engage in discussions on the draft within numerous roundtable meetings, press conferences and other sessions. In April 2016, the draft law has been adopted in first reading by gaining 285 votes from all parliamentary factions while not a single MP voted against it.


In order to adopt this crucial law,another step is required – successful adoption in the second reading. This last step, however, is jeopardized by confrontation between the political parties. Delays in negotiations between the factions and peremptory positions of each of the parties spell a risk of unrestricted postponement of making this decision, which in turn may lead to unfortunate remaining of the regulator in current status.


In order to prevent this future, we ask you to help mobilize all the political forces and specific MPs declaring support for Ukraine’s European integration. In particular, we are kindly asking you to emphasize the importance of adopting the law on the National Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (reg. No. 2966-д) to all the MPs maintaining contacts with the European Commission, the Energy Community, the Commission’s Support Group for Ukraine, the World Bank, taking part in training and working visits supported by the EU and the World Bank, and expressing commitments to facilitate Ukraine’s European integration".


The Public appeal in PDF-format is available for upload through the link.

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