Increase in Gas Production Must Be Accompanied by Increase in Transparency

21 July 2016

Planning on increasing gas production must build on quick measures to improve transparency and accountability of undertakings and the government.

This was a statement of Mr. Anton Antonenko, Vice-President of DiXi Group think tank. In his speech during the roundtable “The Government’s 2020 Gas Production Plan — Myth or Reality?”, he emphasized on three aspects — fulfilment of commitments within the framework of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, in particular cooperation of extractive companies in preparing Ukraine’s next report, cooperation in increasing efficiency of gas production regulation, and the need to allocate some share of rent to local communities. Commenting on the draft Roadmap for the implementation of the Government’s plan to increase gas production in Ukraine, Mr. Antonenko emphasized on the importance of adoption of the draft Law No. 4840 “On Disclosure of Information in Extractive Industries” for transparent and fair allocation of rent and effective use thereof by local communities.

DiXi Group’s representative invited extractive companies to cooperate and provide information and spoke of UK’s experience where reports of extractive companies on key indicators of their activities were available in a special open register.

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