Energy Transparency Week is over: a conference on European approaches to energy regulation

16 October 2018

The Energy Transparency Week, an event dedicated to regulating natural monopolies and the peculiarities of energy markets, is over. Within five days, the participants got acquainted with the requirements of the Energy Community on access to information, the specifics of tariff setting for monopolies, and the ability of the government and communities to control the revenue from minerals.

First of all, the event was aimed at the persons responsible for the development of new markets, rules and architecture of electricity and natural gas markets. Therefore, the seminars concerned practical aspects of the implementation of the directives of the Energy Community.

Participants were told about the stock exchanges that only become active in Ukraine, about “gray” spots that could distort prices and bid outcomes.

Interestingly, some of the recommendations of the speakers have already been implemented in the Ukrainian legislation. For example, in a seminar on transparency of extractive industries, the ability of the community and the state to control not only mining companies but also monopolies was considered.

In Ukraine splitting of the rent into the national and local components took effect only this year. Therefore, the participants analysed to what extent this splitting is effective.

This autumn, the Verkhovna Rada also adopted the Law on the Transparency of Extractive Industries, which obliges companies to disclose information about their activities.

The Transparency Week was organized by Dixi Group with the support of USAID within the framework of the Energy Sector Anticorruption and Fiscal Transparency Initiative in Ukraine (Transparent Energy) project.

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