"In Recent Years, Information in the Energy Sector of Ukraine Became More Open," says an expert

16 December 2016

Denys Nazarenko, a DiXi Group expert, told about current problems in obtaining data and how the situation can be improved, during the discussion "New Opportunities for Sustainable Power Economy Development in Ukraine" held in the premises of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on December 15-16.

"As of today, the biggest problems are in data transparency: the lack of adequate coordination between agencies, imperfect legislative framework and different data processing methodology. In addition, any changes in the energy sector take place very quickly and the data collection methodology should change in accordance with such changes. This is a challenge for Ukraine," he said.

Despite the existing problems, the greater data transparency in the energy sector was observed in Ukraine in recent years. According to Denys Nazarenko, that process was driven, in particular, by the reform in managing state-owned companies; engagement of Ukraine in a large number of the leading international organizations (such as, for example, IRENA) with transparency mode that encourages Ukraine to implement the European approach to data transparency; and the total restructuring of the whole energy sector.

However, there are many ways to improve the current situation and achieve even greater transparency and reliability of data. According to the expert, this can be done through:

- Rapid adoption of the required laws;

- Improving the structure of responsibilities between the authorities and setting up a better system of communication between them;

- Continuing the management reform, which has already proved its effectiveness;

- More active cooperation between specialized organizations and government authorities;

-- Paying more attention to public sector initiatives, such as, for example, EITI and Transparent Energy.

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