Formation and Publication of Open Data Sets Discussed at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry

04 August 2017

The meeting at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine discussed the formation and publication of open data sets on the Ministry's website, as well as other UESU operational issues that, according to experts, may carry corruption risks.

In particular, the experts drew attention to the need to publish investment project progress updates.

"The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry can become a leader in information collection and dissemination. If the data audit turns out positive and the launch of the information collection and dissemination system proves a success, public trust in the reform and awareness of the situation in the energy sector will grow significantly," said DiXi Group Think Tank President Olena Pavlenko, who took part in the meeting. 


It is worth adding that the data audit involves experts from the USAID Transparent Energy and TAPAS projects.

Source:  press service of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry

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