DiXi Group has prepared recommendations for improving the cooperation between investigative journalists and law enforcement agencies.

20 July 2017

Why don't journalistic investigations get further investigation in legal terms by the law enforcement agencies and how can the situation be changed? This was the topic discussed by representatives of the media, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system and the public at the round table "Catch Me If You Can, or Why Do "Active Participants" of Investigative Journalism Go Unpunished?"

"In revealing corruption schemes, Ukrainian journalists use expert examination, official data, documentation and extracts from Ukrainian and foreign registries. However, many such valuable materials are ignored by law enforcement agencies despite the fact that they offer a whole range of real evidence," emphasized Roman Nitsovych, DiXi Group's Think Tank Program Manager.

The leader of detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Oleksandr Skomarov, in his turn, noted that NABU is currently investigating 25 cases in the energy sector for a total of UAH 6 billion. Some of them became possible due to journalistic investigations. However, he noted that journalistic investigations do not always meet certain criteria and have adequate evidence, and therefore cannot be used by the law enforcement agencies.

To avoid misunderstandings and improve cooperation between investigative journalists and law enforcement agencies, the DiXi Group Think Tank prepared (within the USAID Transparent Energy Project) a summary and recommendations based on the results of the round table.

We are convinced that cooperation between journalists and law enforcement agencies could prevent such systemic occurrences as conspiracy of silence in judicial and law enforcement institutions, and investigations carried out by journalists can help to identify individuals who could conclude agreements with investigation agencies and help to reveal corruption in the upper echelons of power.

Video record of the event is available by the link.

The release of this document was made possible due to the support of the American people provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The opinions contained in this material are solely the responsibility of the DiXi Group and under no circumstances can they be considered as reflecting the position of the USAID or the US Government.

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