DiXi Group prepares a video on EITI Report

01 June 2018

In 2013, Ukraine joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, an international standard requiring member countries to disclose information regarding the state of affairs in their extractive sectors, for the governance can be improved only if the real situation in extractive industries is clearly visible. Ukraine does implement this standard, and beginning from 2015, publishes annual reports showing how many companies operate in extractive industries, how much they pay in taxes, which companies are ready to disclose their performance indicators and which aren’t. These reports can help improve management of resources that belong to the Ukrainian people.

Today, EITI Reports are published with the help from donors: World Bank, USAID, International Renaissance Foundation, GIZ, UKAid, but in the future, the government will have to do this job themselves.

Every year, ЕІТІ Reports include more and more extractive industries. The 2015 ЕІТІ Report revealed information for 2013 regarding the state of affairs in the oil and gas production sectors. In 2016, the Report disclosed data for 2014 and 2015 regarding production of oil, gas, coal, and iron, titanium and manganese ores, and regarding transportation of oil and gas. The 2018 EITI Report discloses information for 2016 and additionally covers sand and clay production. This report also offers information regarding the ultimate beneficial owners of companies operating in the extractive sector and how much taxes each company paid to the state and local budgets.

More information about the report is available in the video #mce_temp_url# prepared by DiXi Group.

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