Energy Sector On-Line Map Updated

31 August 2017

Experts of the USAID Transparent Energy Project continue populating the energy sector on-line map with new data.

In particular, a glossary of terminology has been uploaded into the appropriate oil chain blocks and additional data sets related to the electric power, petroleum products, and heat supply sectors processed. As soon as this September, these data will be structured, visualized, and added to the online map.

An action plan has also been prepared to search for and disclose the fiscal component of all four value-added chains represented in the online map.

In addition, the experts working on the map compiled a new list of "black boxes," which are specific situations or issues where the information is missing or not published (or published irregularly), or where there is corruption or manipulations, and this information needs to be scrutinized and verified.

The proposals will be presented for consideration at the next meeting of the Coalition of USAID Transparent Energy Project .

At the moment, the main elements of the map are translated into English, and the translation is available here. A package of text materials (including static data and journalistic investigations) has been sent for further translation to launch a full English-language version of the tool.

For information, the on-line map of the domestic energy sector, developed by experts of the DiXi Group Think Tank and the Coalition of USAID Transparent Energy Project, was presented on July 14, 2017.

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