The course of energy reforms discussed during the Forum

25 February 2020

The progress in implementing reforms during the first six months of the parliament’s and the government’s tenure and the priorities of reforms in Ukraine for 2020-21 were discussed during the Forum of Reforms: On the Way to Vilnius held on 25 February. DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko attended the discussion panel devoted to energy.

During her speech, she touched upon a number of urgent issues in the energy sector today. In particular, it concerns problems in the coal industry.

“We all understand that sooner or later, the coal sector will be taken out. Sooner or later, coal mines will be closed down. What should we do with coal miners? Almost all MPs say that we have to organize retaining for miners, help them find a new job and gain a new qualification,” Olena Pavlenko said.

She stressed that the ministry, the government, the parliament and the Verkhovna Rada’s committee concerned must decide on the plan for requalification of coal miners as soon as this year.

At the same time, DiXi Group President emphasized, work on solving the problem of “green” tariff for renewable energy sources must be started in the nearest few months.

“Speaking about the electricity market, the big question which has been on the agenda since September of last year is what to do with the “green” tariff and how to solve the problem of renewable energy producers? This question remains unanswered. A memorandum between the government and renewable energy producers was expected to be signed, but it hasn’t been signed. The problem is still there,” Mrs. Pavlenko stressed.

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection must also take efforts to ensure that after 1 May, consumers have the choice of many gas suppliers, not just one.

“Beginning from May, the placement of special obligations for households must disappear. Ukrainians will receive gas at market prices. The Ministry and the government forecast no extraordinary jump in prices, but at the same time, market means the right to choose from among various suppliers competing for the consumer,” Mrs. Pavlenko said.

The Forum of Reforms: On the Way to Vilnius was organized by RPR Coalition as part of the preparations for the annual Ukraine Reform Conference (URC) which will be held in July 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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