SUBSIDY.UKR: Calculating subsidies will be easier

18 January 2019

SUBSIDY.UKR, a project that won at C.O.D.E. contest of ideas held under USAID’s Transparent Energy project, is now operational. The purpose of this service is to create a transparent algorithm for precise calculation of consumer subsidies.

For the time being, SUBSIDY.UKR operates in the test mode. By taking just three simple steps, users can find out about the availability and amount of a subsidy, and generate an application and, if necessary, a declaration. After registration, users can calculate monthly utility bills adjusted for the subsidy, including its monetization, ask questions about subsidy calculations and receive notifications of changes and recalculations.

In addition, the developers of this service plan to offer a detailed and comprehensible explanation of how subsidies are assessed, promptly inform users about changes in the subsidy assessment procedure, help them prepare documents for submission to public authorities, and act as an independent external arbiter in the matters of erroneous billing by utility service providers.

‘We want to make this system as convenient as possible for users. To that end, we are going to upgrade the system as quickly as possible, making it conformant with legislative changes and changes in the parameters bearing upon the subsidy calculation procedure’, SUBSIDY.UKR Project Manager Anton Yaskevych says.

‘If you ask a newly-hatched subsidy recipient what their subsidy consists of, how much they have to pay for every service and on what terms their subsidy is recalculated, they would tell you something like: “I dunno. Here’s a piece of paper they gave me, stating how much I have to pay, SUBSIDY.UKR founder Vladyslav Lesnoi says.

The calculation algorithm is approximated to the one used by the state. But the service does not have access to user’s personal information: household income and the list of utility services, and therefore, the calculations are based on information entered by the user and do not have the official status.

The SUBSIDY.UKR project is being implemented with the support from DiXi Group under USAID’s project “Initiative for Combating Corruption and Increasing Fiscal Transparency in Ukraine’s Energy Sector” (Transparent Energy).

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