Development of Energy Sector On-Line Map in Progress

10 November 2016

Within the framework of the Transparent Energy project implemented with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), DiXi Group analysts progress in developing an on-line map of the energy sector of Ukraine.


In particular, the team identified basic components in the added value chains of energy resources and the related financial flows. The analysts developed a model of this “map” and assessed the significance of specific data that it can contain.


Taking into consideration the risks related to the insufficient level of transparency of the respective processes, the experts identified four key chains of goods and services that every Ukrainian comes across – gas, electricity, heating, petrochemicals. "In this process, the focus will be on 'decomposition' of the ultimate retail prices for residential consumers. This means that everybody will be able to understand clearly what is included in their payment document, and to see the figures hidden in the formulas used by the government or NCSREU [National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities]", said DiXi Group Program Manager Roman Nitsovych.


Another aspect covered by the on-line map refers to specific physical (material) flows of energy resources with assessment of potential losses in the system. Finally, specific articles in mass media and investigations of specific problems with access to information or the facts of corruption also deserve public attention.


To understand the accuracy of these assumptions and define specific data sets to be shown on the map, the team organized a series of meetings with journalists, experts, representatives of the academic community, specialists in the field of data analysis and visualization.


As of today, eleven such discussions have been held to discuss the technical aspects of data processing as well as of their graphical representation that has to be clear and accessible. Based on the results of these discussions, the project team is now drafting the Terms of Reference for the development of an on-line map of Ukrainian energy sector, which it plans to discuss with the project partners at the end of November.

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