A project of one of the winners of the С.О.D.E. contest of ideas gets underway

15 May 2018

СУБСИДІЯ.УКР project aimed at creating a transparent algorithm that helps calculate the subsidy amount and utility bill payments due was launched on 15 May.   

According to the official statistical data, 6747 thousand households, or almost 45% of the total number of Ukrainian households, received subsides for utility services in April 2018.

According to new rules which came into effect on 1 May, certain subsidy recipients will have to file an income declaration again. And even though the main reason for these changes was the government’s attempt not to spend budget funds on affluent people, changes in the subsidy assessment system are of concern for everyone who did or plans to receive it. Moreover, not everyone has a clear idea of how monetization will take place.

“If you ask a new subsidy recipient what a subsidy consists of, how much one would have to pay for each utility service and under what conditions a subsidy would have to be reassessed, he would say something like: “I dunno. Here’s a piece of paper they gave me, showing how much I have to pay”, СУБСИДІЯ.УКР project founder Vladyslav Lesnoi says.

The purpose of СУБСИДІЯ.УКР project is not only to make a precise calculation of the subsidy amount for a consumer. The project’s developers want to provide a clear and detailed explanation of how a subsidy is assessed, promptly inform users about changes in the assessment procedure, help prepare documents required by public authorities concerned, and act as an independent external arbiter in disputes arising from erroneous calculations by utility companies.

“We want to make this system very user-friendly. To that end, we are going to integrate with services which will provide some important information. We’re talking, first of all, about BankID, up-to-date tariffs from ЖКГ.УКР project, service consumption information from utility companies, etc. And if the register of subsidy recipients will become operational in the future, its integration would also simplify the use of our service”, Vladyslav Lesnoi added.

In the nearest future, the developers will launch a registration form allowing to apply for participation in testing of СУБСИДІЯ.УКР module, leave a feedback or ask a question regarding subsides.

SUBSIDY.UKR project is being implemented with the support from DiXi Group under USAID’s Initiative for Combating Corruption and Increasing Financial Transparency in Ukraine’s Energy Sector (Transparent Energy Sector) project.

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