Participants of a Ukrainian-German seminar discuss the problems of EITI implementation at local level

21 September 2019

Implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) at local level was in the focus of discussion at the seminar held by DiXi Group in Kyiv on 19-20 September.

During the two-day seminar, the attendees – members of the Energy Transparency Association, civil servants and representatives of the extractive sector – discussed key topics of MSG, analyzed major challenges to EITI implementation at local level, and devised the ways of overcoming them.

Oliana Valigura, Regional Director Eurasia at the EITI International Secretariat came to Ukraine specifically to attend the seminar. She presented positive examples of local CSOs participating in EITI implementation in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia region, provided detailed information about the new EITI-2019 standard and answered questions.

German partners from Open Knowledge Foundation Germany (OKF) and Green Budget Germany (GBG) also participated in the seminar. Florian Zerzawy of GBG presented his vision of environmental aspects and renewable energy sources in EITI, while Walter Palmetshofer of OKF shared Germany’s experience with electronic reporting instruments in EITI.

All attendees had the opportunity to compare the situation in Ukraine and Germany. Thus, Dixi Group and GBG experts presented a gap analysis of the participation of local stakeholders in EITI implementation in each of the countries.

“Our analysis shows that in terms of involvement of local actors in EITI implementation, Ukraine and Germany have more in common than different,” Serhii Balan, DiХi Group General Manager for Development of the Energy Sector concluded. “Despite the serious gap in economic potential of the two countries, it is fair to say that we have almost identical problems with participation of CSOs, local authorities and local extractive companies in promoting EITI: weak participation and little interest in this matter. It means that nationwide CSOs must become more active in their efforts of increasing the capability of local stakeholders. They have to be able to formulate and accomplish tasks of the current agenda themselves, and also, address the issues accompanying extractive operations in the territory of particular communities.”

Olena Pavlenko discussed with attendees the topic concerning efficient activity in the nongovernmental segment of EITI, using as an example the experience of Dixi Group of which she is the president. During two days, the attendees worked in groups, developing, with her participation, the ideas of strategies aimed to bring EITI’s regional and national aspects to international agenda, and considered the possibilities of organizing information campaigns for local communities.

The seminar has also produced a list of successful practices of implementing EITI in Ukraine and Germany, which can serve as a good example for other countries.

The seminar was also attended by representatives of the EITI International Secretariat, EITI National Secretariat, International Renaissance Foundation and GIZ.

The seminar was organized by DiXi Group jointly with partners from OKF Germany and Green Budget Germany as part of the MAP - EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE (EITI) project.
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