EnergoTransparency Association has considered the Development Strategy for 2020

17 July 2019DiXi Group representatives took part in strategic session of EnergoTransparency Association, which took place in Kyiv on 15-16 July. During the meetings, the members of the Association and representatives of the Renaissance Foundation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), as well as the National Secretariat of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) have developed and approved the goals for the next year, the organizational structure of the Association and the project management regulations to be implemented within the framework of the Association's strategic goals. To ensure the effectiveness of their work, the participants in strategic session agreed on the key functions of the Secretariat, the Board and Association members and the rules for their interaction in order to achieve the success of the projects. “During the brainstorming and group work, the meeting participants formulated for themselves the basic rules of work, and also approved the long-term goal of the Association, which is to create a network of professional organizations that will promote EITI in Ukraine,” said Olga Truten, DiXi Group's Sustainable Development Manager. The EnergoTransparency Association was registered in 2019 to promote the international standard of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Ukraine at the general public level and in the mining regions. The Association's mission is to join the efforts of civil society to cooperate with the authorities and mining companies for the effective management of natural resources and preservation of the environment. The founders of the Association are non-governmental organizations DiXi Group, New Energy, Agency for Development and Cooperation, Bureau of Development. Only members of the Association may be members of a Multi-Stakeholder Group on the implementation of EITI in Ukraine. The event was organized by DiXi Group within the framework of EnergoTransparency Association Institutional Support Project implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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Experts call for a continuation of the European course of reforms in energy and environment sectors after parliamentary elections

10 July 2019The experts of the Energy Reforms coalition identified the priority tasks for the implementation of the Association Agreement in the energy and environment sectors. This was discussed during the Briefing “Energy and Environment Reforms: Autumn is Coming”.

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Nord Stream 2 will lead to a rise in gas prices for Eastern Europe – Dixi Group President

09 July 2019The expert pointed to the risks of Gazprom's project to increase gas supplies to Europe bypassing Ukraine

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DIXI Group Vice President joins the work on writing the Toronto Principles

05 July 2019A vision document titled The Toronto Principles was presented by representatives of Ukrainian NGOs during the third Ukraine Reform Conference held in Canada on 2-4 July. In this document, they presented their vision of reforms in the next five years. Among the document’s coauthors was DiXi Group Vice President Anton Antonenko. “Speaking about energy, we propose to set as the goal of reform modernization of the energy sector via liberalization, transparent functioning and improved energy efficiency,” Anton Antonenko said. “Increasing the competitiveness of energy markets and opening the sector to quality investments were also some of the topics discussed at the conference’s meetings, such as the one with Kurt Volker, the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine.” In particular, The Toronto Principles urge to complete reforms of the electricity and gas markets, abolish government subsidies to the energy sector, implement reform of the coal market and reduce coal consumption, implement competition in the heat supply sector, promote development of renewable energy sources, improve the effectiveness of energy consumption, protect vulnerable consumers. The document also urges to improve good governance, ensure energy independence, and implement energy efficiency programs in power generation, transmission and consumption, particularly in the housing sector. Civic organizations also presented Sectoral Briefs on Reforms in Ukraine: analytical documents prepared for the conference in Canada. These documents set out details of the goals and key objectives of reforms in 12 areas of national policy. The Toronto Principles is a vision document conveying generalized vision of over 80 civil society organizations (CSO), representatives of the private sector and citizens actively supporting reforms in Ukraine. The “Principles” envisage joint accountability, experience and ability of these organizations to represent views of Ukrainian civil society. This document was prepared during December 2018 – June 2019 by a group of experts coordinated by the Coalition Reanimation Package of Reforms by consulting with over 100 sectoral experts.

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