Anton Antonenko: adoption of political decisions must be based on quality, up-to-date information

28 September 2019DiXi Group Vice President Anton Antonenko took part in the conference "100+ corruption schemes the government and the public must overcome", held at the Cabinet of Ministers Club on 26 September. According to the event’s organizer Oksana Velychko, Coordinator of “Together Against Corruption” government-civil society initiative, 110 CSOs described 139 required anticorruption actions to be taken in various sectors. The nearest plans include creation of project teams and appointment of responsible persons representing public authorities and CSOs. Speaking at the conference, Minister Dmytro Dubilet said that the Cabinet of Ministers will establish, jointly with CSOs, working groups to combat corruption schemes in various sectors. In the energy and environment sector, Together Against Corruption (of which DiXi Group is a member) conceived 18 anticorruption ideas concerning performance of public institutions. In the opinion of DiXi Group Vice President Anton Antonenko, this list will be vastly expanded once the project teams will set to work, in particular, as a result of cooperation between various ministries and working groups. “The identified corruption schemes and the ways of overcoming them are the starting point; these ideas could be implemented in the nearest future. We as an analytical center are sure that the adoption of political decisions must be based on clear, verified information which will render corruption offenses impossible. The same applies to policy analysis. Therefore, we need correct and up-to-date information,” DiXi Group Vice President Anton Antonenko said during his speech at the conference. “We work with the Energy Ministry and help them, at least with making data orderly and opening it to the public. As a result, the Ministry is now among the leaders in data opening. The next step is automation of this process. We are ready to help with that,” Mr. Antonenko said. “I would like to devote separate attention to the extractive sector. At present, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative has been somewhat slowed down. The Ministry must release the next report by 30 October. We will monitor the publication of this data. The list of anticorruption proposals for the government from Together Against Corruption initiative is available at

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DiXi Group expert speaking from The Hague about threats from Nord Stream 2

27 September 2019DiXi Group’s Research Director Roman Nitsovych was among the participants of the international conference "Putin’s Nord Stream 2 and its real price for Europe" in The Hague. He was invited to moderate the panel devoted to the project’s economic consequences. The event, organized by Free Russia Foundation, was attended by politicians, journalists and experts. “This is an important platform for conveying the truth and arguments about the risks stemming from the Nord Stream 2 project to people who make decisions and influence public opinion in the Netherlands and Europe on the whole,” Roman Nitsovych said. According to the DiXi Group expert, a lot of strong arguments were voiced during debates in support of the opinion that this project is more about geopolitics than business. In particular, speakers addressed the following topics: - Nord Stream 2 does not deliver more gas to Europe but represents an attempt to bypass Ukraine as a transit country; - this project is unrelated to the dynamics of demand for gas in Europe; - this project does not ensure flexibility (meeting the peak demand) and will overload the networks, thus segmenting the EU’s gas market; - this project necessitates additional investments in infrastructure (storage reservoirs, connection pipelines); - this project will reduce competition in markets of Central and Eastern Europe; - the project’s "business model" is impossible if the EU’s revised Gas Directive and the CJEU’s verdict regarding OPAL are complied with. The next conferences devoted to this topic will be held in Berlin and Strasbourg. DiXi Group experts will also attend them. The event was held as part of Rethink The Deal campaign that unites ecologists, economists and human rights activists around the subject of impact from the Nord Stream 2 project and the threats it poses to freedom and unity in Europe. The conference’s organizer, Free Russia Foundation, strives to consolidate efforts aimed to restore freedom and democracy in Russia, support pro-democracy forces inside Russia and work with Western expert communities.

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DiXi Group expert Andrii Bilous: open data should be made useful

23 September 2019The topic of open data in the public sector was extensively discussed during the Open Data Forum 2019 held in Kyiv on 19 September. Speaking at the event, Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said that Ukraine is ranked second in the world in terms of the progress in data opening, and within three years the country should make it to the top three in terms of the amount of data opened. A report containing assessment of the progress in publication of open data in Ukraine as of 1 August 2019 was presented during a panel discussion at the Open Data Forum. According to information by TAPAS, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine is the leader among 21 “heavyweight” controllers (going to publish 14+ unique datasets). In particular, the Energy Ministry has the highest score in the Open Data Quality section (frequency of updating and completeness of publishing open data sets, machine-readability, data types). However, low score in the Open Data Impact section (promotion by controller of the use of published datasets, organization of monitoring, impact assessment, advantages from published datasets for the public) are worth noting as well. “Comparing to other government agencies, the Energy Ministry is one of the best in terms of data opening. It ensures not only a formal publication of data as required by resolution but also quality of this data,” Andrii Bilous, Open Data Manager at DiXi Group who was present at the Forum assessed the Ministry’s position. “Still, there are aspects that should be worked on more. In my opinion, in order to retain this position the Ministry should give attention to communication of data to consumers. It will allow to receive feedback from consumers and improve quality, to make data useful. Another aspect is to work on reducing the share of manual data processing and automating processes, which would allow to achieve, in particular, more frequent data updating and make data more detailed.” The Open Data Forum is an annual nationwide event uniting government officials, Ukrainian and international experts, public activists and startup community around the topic of development and use of open data. As international experience proves, data opening stimulates creation of new services, improves interaction between the society and the government, and increases transparency of activity and trust in public authorities, in particular, in the energy sector.

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Participants of a Ukrainian-German seminar discuss the problems of EITI implementation at local level

21 September 2019Implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) at local level was in the focus of discussion at the seminar held by DiXi Group in Kyiv on 19-20 September. During the two-day seminar, the attendees – members of the Energy Transparency Association, civil servants and representatives of the extractive sector – discussed key topics of MSG, analyzed major challenges to EITI implementation at local level, and devised the ways of overcoming them.

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