Olena Pavlenko: Communication, Publicity and Decentralization Will Help Attract Investors to the Mining Sector

19 September 2015

The declared focus on decentralization of government should be expanded to the mining sector regulation. This idea was expressed by Olena Pavlenko, President, Dixi Group Analytical Centre, during the “International Practice of Oil and Gas Management” round table.

“Improvement of regulation is one of the key sector reforms. It should be prioritized by the Government. In such case, we will be able to talk about the investors’ interest and intense activities rather than their longstanding efforts to collect documents to set up a business”, she told.

According to Olena Pavlenko, publicity should become the second component of the sector reforms. “When we prepared our first EITI report, we faced the fact that even some government authorities were not ready to be open. It is a red flag both for the civil society and for government authorities. Until we improve ourselves, we should not hope that someone will come and give us money”, she continued.


Interaction of government authorities should be the third component. “It is, probably, the most serious challenge. Our government bodies are not ready to communicate. It is necessary to create conditions compelling them to communicate. It is necessary to find some instruments to force officials to leave their offices and start implementing projects”, told the President of DiXi Group.

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