Olena Pavlenko: the EITI implementation process in Ukraine unblocked

22 November 2019

On 22 November, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection hosted a meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Group for Implementation of EITI (MSG), chaired by DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko.

The meeting discussed materials provided by the independent administrator as part of the work on preparing the EITI Report for 2017, in particular, a feasibility study report and an initial report. MSG members approved the Annual Progress Report for 2018 and the EITI Work Plan for 2019. During the meeting, Ernst & Young Ukraine Manager Andrii Kitura presented the Report on Assessment of Indirect Contribution of Extractive Industries to the Ukrainian Economy. DiXi Group President Olena Pavlenko spoke about the study concerning monitoring and evaluation of EITI implementation in Ukraine.

“After an almost year-long pause, the EITI implementation process in Ukraine was unblocked. The Multi-Stakeholder Group had to make a lot of decisions to resolve all “frozen” issues,” Olena Pavlenko, MSG Deputy Chair and DiXi Group President, commented on the meeting’s outcome. “Even though the risk to our country’s membership in EITI still exists, members of MSG have agreed upon expediting as much as possible the preparation of the EITI Report for 2017 and developed several possible solutions for this problem. All parties without exception have agreed to work closely with each other on getting out of crisis and returning to the Report preparation schedule. It proves once again that MSG Ukraine has truly wonderful and professional members.”

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