Expert: "New Energy Sector On-Line Map Will Help People See What They Pay Their Money for"

21 February 2017

"The new project of creating a new interactive energy sector map is intended to inform energy consumers better of what happens in the energy sector and what they pay their money for," DiXi Group's Think Tank Program Manager Roman Nitsovych said when presenting the on-line map at the conference "EITI in Ukraine: How to Manage Resources Efficiently".


The energy sector map will allow tracing quickly enough the route of energy resources from production to consumption and financial routes that accompany them.


"Our target audience is an average energy consumer. The primary objective of the project is to make information available to people. Elucidate what happens in the energy sector and what the amounts they see in their utility bills comprise. In implementing the project, the emphasis will be made on a break-down of retail prices for individual consumers. That is, everyone will be able to understand clearly what is included in the utility bill amount and what he or she pays for: for example, which share of the amount refers to network maintenance and which share represents a tax, and so on," the expert stressed.

"Our intention is to help each Ukrainian understand how the markets work with which he or she deals every day, namely gas, electric power, heat, and oil product markets. For this purpose, the energy industry must be made transparent and open as much as possible because only when it becomes clear where the funds are expended inefficiently, decisions can be made that will produce the desired result," Roman Nitsovych summed up.

We should remind that the work on the energy sector on-line map is carried out as part of the USAID's Transparent Energy project.

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