DiXi Group analysts’ findings included to a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers

21 December 2017

DiXi Group analysts actively participated in compilation of the list of information that must be published in the open data form. In particular, after suggestions from our analysts, the number of these data sets for the Energy Ministry has increased from 4 to 50.

“In addition, our efforts helped add another 8 sets from Naftogaz of Ukraine NJSC, 11 sets from Ukrenergo NEC and 3 sets from Energorynok SE to that list”, the DiXi Group analyst Andrii Bilous says.

Efforts of DiXi Group analysis in this area produced a number of amendments to the Resolution 835 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. On 20 December, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the Regulation on data sets that must be published in the open data form.

This document requires all public bodies and certain state-owned enterprises possessing information of various kinds to publish it according to the international open data standard.

“Facilitation of access to information in the open data format means enabling automated processing of this information using various computer programs. It vastly reduces the chances of errors in the end result of information analysis process, thus improving the quality of regulatory decisions. In fact, it offsets the impact of human factor. On the other hand, automation and more efficient utilization of human resources allows to optimize performance of public authorities themselves”, Andrii Bilous continues.

It is also worth noting that the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry began publishing certain data sets, developed jointly with DiXi Group, RPR and Together Against Corruption government-civic initiative, back in January 2017.

During the conference “Transparency for Trust. How to Make Energy Generation Affordable”, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Natalia Boiko presented a new instrument of monitoring the stocking of coal at Ukrainian thermal power stations and cogeneration plants. The creation of this instrument became possible thanks to publication of relevant information in the open data format. 

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