There is a great attention to the reforms implemented by Ukraine - visit to Brussels

05 March 2020

DiXi Group president Olena Pavlenko visited Belgium at the invitation of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels on 3-4 March.

The purpose of the visit was meetings with officials of European institutes, embassies, departments, representatives of European think tanks. In addition to exchanging views on energy sector reforms, they also discussed the state of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, including the prospects for the situation after the new government come.

"Ukraine remains the focus of both European institutions and member states," - DiXi Group president Olena Pavlenko said after the visit to Brussels. - We have not seen "fatigue" or any other signals that are sometimes spoken in the press. On the contrary, there is a great attention to the details of the reforms implemented by Ukraine at all levels and there is a willingness to support their further implementation. It is very important for the new government to maintain close communication with the EU in order to maintain high quality of cooperation.”

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