The Energy Ministry begins to publish sectoral data in a convenient format

01 June 2018

The first published datasets for coal and nuclear-industrial complexes are already available.

The Energy Ministry’s website offers a full list of datasets published in a convenient, machine-readable open data format.

Each dataset contains information regarding its preparation status, update frequency, and the Energy Ministry’s subdivision responsible for timely collection and publication of data. Most datasets are cumulative, i.e. contain new data added to data for previous reporting periods.

These datasets are published pursuant to the Resolution 835 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and in accordance with the Order 212 on publication of datasets controlled by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry and requiring publication in the open data format.

The Order approves dataset forms developed by DiXi Group experts in cooperation with specialists from departments and state enterprises preparing this data. According to DiXi Group analyst A. Bilous, the availability of data in the open data format significantly simplifies data analysis and processing.

“A policy cannot be correctly formulated without quality data. It concerns any, not just energy, sector. Publication of data in the open data format makes it easy (from technical standpoint) to monitor changes in key indicators and many other things. As a result, it improves the quality of analysis, which in turn, has positive effect on correct formulation of a policy”, the analyst added.

It is worth noting that the opening of data by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine is envisaged by the USAID’s Transparent Energy Sector project aimed at combating corruption and improving financial transparency in Ukraine’s energy sector.

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