Transparent Energy Project Coalition Started its Work

07 October 2016

An association of journalists and experts within the framework of the USAID's Transparent Energy Project, implemented by DiXi Group, started its work.

The coalition aims at collecting accessible information on the energy sector, arranging it in a user-friendly format as well as finding out gaps in the publicly accessible data. The coalition participants call such gaps "black boxes" and wish to explore them during the project. The discovered "black boxes" will become the basis for journalist investigations that will rely on the experience and knowledge of industry experts. The finalized on-line map of the energy sector will enable anybody to understand quite quickly both with the way of energy resources from extraction to consumption and the financial routes accompanying them.

One of the special features of the project is that anybody who wishes can participate in the update. Using on-line tools, one will be able to send a request for obtaining public information, to inform on corruption cases in the industry", the Head of the Project, Vice-President of DiXi Group Think Tank Anton Antonenko said.

According to him, in several days the project team will begin expert consultations, during which the first draft map will be designed and the "black boxes" will be identified - the places where information is missing or hidden.

"We brought together experts and journalists in the energy industry in order to jointly paint in simple words a systemic and understandable map of the way the energy industry works. Our desire is that the web-site resources and open information are used with the maximum benefit, and thus we plan to offer multiple formats of actions. We wish to develop initiatives for further information disclosure", Anton Antoneko said.

In the future, the coalition members will hold dynamic expert consultations (divided by fuel and energy complex sectors). Besides, after implementation of a range of tools the coalition will present them in the regions of Ukraine.

The main focuses of the project will be opening access to information in the energy industry to decrease corruption, enhancing public access to information, and improving fiscal transparency in the energy sector of Ukraine.

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