Coalition of USAID Transparent Energy Project Discussed the First Online Map Layout

30 November 2016

The discussion of the future online map of Ukraine's energy sector was held at the meeting of the public coalition of USAID Transparent Energy Project at the office of the DiXi Group Think Tank on November 30. "We discussed the first vision of a draft future map, black boxes which the think tank managed to identify," said Anton Antonenko, Project Manager, DiXi Group Vice President.

The general terms of reference for the map were also discussed at the meeting.

"According to our plan, the draft map should show physical and financial flows in different chains. These are chains of gas, heat, electricity and oil products," commented Roman Nitsovych, DiXi Group Project Manager. "We have selected the list of data sets for each of these chains. It will be important to show them to the users of the system. These data are aggregated according to physical and financial flows."

In addition, Transparent Energy Project Analysts are going to actually "break down" payments made by Ukrainians on a monthly basis for energy resources and utilities. "This issue is of the greatest concern for people. Therefore, according to our plans, we are going to "break down" a utility bill and explain what the payment components are," said Nitsovych. 

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