Experts and Journalists Working to Make Energy Industry More Transparent

07 September 2016

DiXi Group think tank announces the beginning of a socially important and innovative USAID project “Transparent Energy”. Energy industry in Ukraine is one of the most corrupted. Significant amounts of information in the energy industry sector are either concealed or have a limited access. The project participants undertake to systematize the publicly available data, analyze them, and create conditions for disclosure of the lacking information. The project will work to ensure that every user can easily receive both a general idea of the energy industry functioning and the key information that is important for his/her needs.

The collected data will be systematized in an on-line map of the energy sector that will demonstrate the movement of energy resources and money flows. “Every person accessing the map can in several clicks receive complete information about the way of energy resources from extraction to consumption as well as about the financial routes accompanying them”, said Anton Antonenko, Head of the “Transparent Energy”, Vice-President of DiXi Group.

The project goal is to improve fiscal transparency and to fight corruption in the energy sector of Ukraine. Participants of the ‘Transparent Energy” (experts, civil society activists, and mass media representatives) created a coalition that will monitor and collect information about the most relevant problems in the industry. The collected information will also be a basis for journalists’ investigations and materials that will help to reform the energy sector of the country.

Another specific feature of the project is that every willing person can participate in it. With the help of on-line instruments, one will be able to take part in the fight against corruption in this industry.

The project participants accentuate that the most promising ideas and initiatives that can make the energy sector in Ukraine more transparent and decrease the level of corruption in it will be combined and implemented. 

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