DiXi Group experts help the Energy Ministry with data opening

31 January 2018

On 30 January, the training “How to make data open?” concerning the right ways of handling information was held for specialists of the nuclear and oil and gas departments of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

The purpose of the training was to develop a general perception of the difference between the notions of “public information” and “public information in the open data format” and show the features and advantages of using open data when handling work assignments.

“Unfortunately, civil service habituates people to routine work, limiting them in the use of some new and better instruments. A vivid example is automatic processing and analysis of data received by departments. That was our objective: to show them that there are ways of accomplishing various tasks much faster by using information in the open data format”, DiXi Group analyst Andrii Bilous says.

In turn, the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk emphasized that data opening would allow potential investors to analyze the opportunities offered by Ukraine’s energy market.

“I ordered all departments to differentiate and open the Energy Ministry’s data as much as possible to allow people themselves to analyze the industry’s performance on the basis of information they receive. Open data contains information required by both the market participants and the broad public. Improving and accelerating investment attractiveness is one of the key objectives of Ukraine’s energy market”, the Minister said.

During the training event, the experts and specialists of the Energy Ministry’s departments have also discussed and finalized the qualitative content of the proposed table templates developed by the experts: structure of tables, column names, frequency of providing information and other aspects. With regard to certain data sets, it was agreed to hold additional working meetings for more thorough finalization.

The next steps in opening the Energy Ministry’s data include approval of legal grounds for gathering and publication of data using table templates, and audit of coal and electrical energy departments.

As we reported earlier, last year DiXi Group (Transparent Energy Sector project) and Texty.org.ua (TAPAS project) experts have audited data of the Energy Ministry’s nuclear and oil and gas departments and proposed, based on the audit results, 23 new table templates for gathering and publication of information in the open data format.

It is also worth reminding that the USAID’s Transparent Energy Sector project, which is being implemented by DiXi Group, is aimed at combating corruption and improving financial transparency in Ukraine’s energy sector.

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