The second EITI report will be more detailed than the first one - Roman Nitsovych

14 February 2017

The second Ukrainian report according to the standards of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) will be much more detailed than the first one. In particular, it covers a number of additional industries, namely production of coal, iron, titanium and manganese ores. That was mentioned by Roman Nitsovych, the Project Manager of DiXi Group Think Tank, at the Extractive Industries Transparency for Improving the Quality of Life of Communities Conference held on February 13 in Lviv.

In particular, information about payments from each of the 59 companies that responded is particularly useful for Lviv and other mining regions. The companies operating in Lviv Oblast paid UAH 1.347 billion in total to the consolidated budget. However, a specific feature of tax revenue administration is that a considerable part of these payments are recorded at the place of the company's registration rather than at the place of business. EITI standard is a valuable tool for requiring more detailed information at the local level with respect to the development of mineral resources and payments to the local budgets which can be managed by communities. The next step is the legislative consolidation of EITI requirements regarding the companies' reports under each project (a separate deposit or a group of deposits) and the budgets receiving payments. To that end, the Parliament should adopt relevant draft law No. 4840.

We'd like to make it clear that the conference brought together about 60 representatives of government authorities, companies, communities, NGOs from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn Oblasts. This event took place on the eve of the publication of the second national report of the EITI of Ukraine.

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