DiXi Group Advocates Higher Transparency in Extractive Industries

21 June 2016

Recent high-profile arrests in the cases on gas misappropriation and money laundering are another reason to put things right in the extractive industry. DiXi Group analysts have already described the most widely known deals  in their study “Game of Gas Thrones: presentation of the most widespread “schemes” in gas production”. The document was also disseminated within the National Anti-corruption Bureau, and we hope that investigators have made correct conclusions.

On the other hand, the task of the Government is to restore trust in the extractive business that must be sufficiently accountable and transparent for the public. For this purpose, DiXi Group suggest the introduction of a new reporting system based on best international practices — the EITI standards and EU Directives.

We call on the Parliament to support the draft Law No. 4840 “On Disclosure of Information in Extractive Industries”. Hence, we ask MPs to include the document in their agenda and consider it thoroughly.

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