DiXi Group Still Looking for Companies Specialized in 1C Integration

23 August 2016

DiXi Group NGO that is implementing the Transparent Energy project within the framework of international technical assistance program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has extended the term for companies specializing in 1C integration to submit their tenders in a respective procurement procedure.


The procurement process consists of two stages.

During the first stage, tenderers are supposed to propose a technical solution to meet the needs of DiXi Group NGO (hereinafter the NGO). In addition, tenderers should name the approximate price of their solution that must include the cost of the software, licenses and software and IT infrastructure customization services.

In the end of the first stage, the NGO selects the most feasible technical solution.

During the second stage, the NGO selects the best technical solution among those proposed by the tenderers that participated in the first stage, and holds an open procedure for the procurement of the necessary software, licenses and software and IT infrastructure customization services.

1st       stage 
Selecting a technical solution

DiXi Group NGO needs a technical solution that allows 6 (six) simultaneous users working with 1C:Enterprise / Trade Enterprise Management with SW BIT FINANCE add-in and remote access function, to be presented as a concept or terms of reference.

In addition, the approximate detail cost estimate must be presented in an arbitrary form.

Technical specifications:

1)    Database 1С v. 8.3 hosted on the NGO’s Windows Server 2012 server.

2)    1 (one) 1C client access license for the server.

3)    File-based database. Platform version 8.3.

4)    Microsoft Active Directory Domain.

5)    Remote access to the server’s file system with AccessAnywhere.

6)    Configuration of additional VPN remote access to the NGO’s office/servers (both software and hardware allow such option) is possible.

7)    One IP-address provided by the Internet service provider, with some ports used by the existing services.

The NGO is expecting the tenderers to elaborate the technical solution based on the technical specifications provided by DiXi Group NGO, and name the cost (with the breakdown by the cost of software and works).

All tenderers must be:

- 1C’s official partners (a copy of a relevant supporting document must be provided).

Please mail us your proposed technical terms of reference by 18:00 2 September 2016 to  romaniuk@dixigroup.org To the attention of: Anastasia Romaniuk.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions before 2 September 2016 in writing to romaniuk@dixigroup.org.

2nd      stage 
Selecting the contractor

Following the negotiations with the tenderers, DiXi Group NGO will select the best technical solution and invite all tenderers that participated in the first stage of the competitive dialogue to participate in the second stage. During the second stage, all tenderers are supposed to submit their final tender specifying the cost and term of the project.


Contact person

Anastasia Romaniuk,

Procurement Manager

DiXi Group Non-governmental Organization

18A Instytutska Str., office 3, Kyiv

Phone/fax: (38044) 253 66 94

E-mail: romaniuk@dixigroup.org

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