It’s important that the data made public by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry are thoroughly detailed – DiXi Group expert

18 July 2019

The situation with the making official data public and its importance to society was discussed at the meeting by the participants of the government-public initiative Together Against Corruption, among whom was Andri Bilous, DiXi Group expert.

 It took place on 17 July presided by the Public Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.

“As for making data public, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry is one of the leaders among other executive authorities,” said Andrii Bilous, Open Data Manager at DiXi Group, during his speech. “At the same time, it is not the formal fulfillment of Resolution 835, it is the making data public with ensuring a sufficiently high level of their quality. They are structured in tabular format, data are updated cumulatively, therefore, it is easy to compare them, and all data are updated regularly.”

Despite this, the ministry has room for improvement. So, in expert’s opinion, one should pay extra attention to working with journalists, namely, to tell what data are published, where they are and how to work with them.

“We should also work on automating the internal processes of data processing, which would allow more optimal use of human resources,” said Andrii Bilous. “It’s especially important that the data provided by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry were deeply detailed. The value of the maximum disaggregated data is that it makes it possible to better see the trends, look for interconnections with other data and identify non-obvious things.”

As stated on the official website of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Maksym Nemchynov, Public Secretary, supported the proposals of experts to introduce additional measures aimed at communicating the requested information to the public.

The data of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine is opened within the framework of the USAID Transparent Energy Project conducted by DIXI GROUP NGO. It is aimed at improving financial transparency in the energy sector of Ukraine.

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