Independent Administrator Presented Report for MSG Members

08 September 2016

A Multilateral Stakeholder Group (MSG) at its meeting approved the results of the scoping study for preparation for the Second ЕІТІ Report. Presentation of the Independent Administrator’s report and its discussion lasted more than two hours.

MSG members expressed several concerns to the presenter regarding the previous research, which the presenter promised to take into consideration in further work.

“The multilateral group actively discussed the scoping study results, in particular regarding more detailed elaboration of the second ЕІТІ report and its expansion to additional areas that have strategic importance for further investments and development. The Independent Administrator agreed to take into consideration the comments and proposals of the Group members. If the state authorities and companies agree to disclose their data to the Administrator, new report will be more complete, interesting, and useful for regional communities”, said Olena Pavlenko, President of Dixi Group think tank, who participated in the meeting.

Among other things, agreements were achieved with regard to the scope of inclusion of the Second EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) Report which, in addition to oil, coal and ore will also include manganese and titanium.

Furthermore, a working group was created at the meeting for developing the MSG Plan for 2017.

It should be recalled that the first EITI Report was published in 2015. 

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