Ukraine's Energy Transparency Index 2019: is there any progress?

09 December 2019

Presentation of the research results of the DiXi Group think tank

9.30-12.00 am
Kiev, Radisson Blu Hotel, vul. Yaroslav Val, 22.


On December 10 DiXi Group will present  the updated Energy Transparency Index 2019, which assesses the real state of information availability in the sector, diagnoses gaps and so called "black boxes" of energy.
Ukraine's final score for the DiXi Group in 2018 was 43 out of 100, indicating a lack of transparency in the energy sector. Is the situation the same this year or better? 
The updated Index is more sophisticated, better suited to the environment in energy, which has changed this year in terms of markets, legislation. However, it provides an opportunity to track the situation compared to 2018. The experts not only analyzed the progress, but also provided recommendations on categories: balances, natural monopolies, supplies, reliability and security, consumption, reporting, policy, authorities.
The main “beneficiaries” of the Index are the final consumers, as their awareness affects the ability to protect their rights and behave in a more economically reasonable way. A strong interest exists among businesses, including investors who seek better conditions for working in open competitive environment, lower risks, better relations with public authorities and civil society. The Index will be interesting to public officials responsible for the information disclosure for improving their own transparency and regulations in terms of information disclosure. Foreign partners will obtain better understanding of energy policy and markets in Ukraine.
The Index covers 233 indicators grouped into 8 categories and based on specific requirements of European and national legislation, as well as best global practices of information disclosure. The assessment was conducted solely on the basis of processing open sources data regarding functioning and development of the energy sector.
The Index team developed a detailed catalogue of links to primary data sources for each indicator of the Index that can be provided on request.

The event is held within the framework of the USAID Energy Sector Transparency Project, which is implemented by NGO DiXi Group.

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