Andrii Bilous: Public authorities do not always know what data should be published and how (photo)

13 February 2018

One of the problems in consistent publication of open data is that public authorities do now always know what particular information should be published and in what form, the DiXi Group analyst Andrii Bilous said at a round table held by the government-civic initiative “Together against corruption”.

“Specialists of public bodies often argue that this or that data is narrowly specialized and too complex for the society. Nevertheless, the availability of quality data passports, i.e. information about information or, as it is also called, metadata which interprets the meaning of data, can answer many questions”, the expert said.

In most cases, public authorities do not use information in the open data format in their daily work procedures. That creates the problem when specialists do not understand the technical difference between simply a set of data and a set of data in the open data format.

As reported earlier, DiXi Group analysts have completed, jointly with TEXTY Data Journalism Agency experts (TAPAS project) and with the support from USAID, the first phase of the Energy Ministry data audit. The first phase featured audit of the Department of the Oil and Gas Complex and the Department of Nuclear Power and the Nuclear-Industrial Complex, which continued from July to December 2017.

According to Andrii Bilous, data audit at the Energy Ministry will continue in the nearest future. It will be held at another two departments, Department of the Coal-Industrial Complex and Department of the Electricity Generation Complex.

Data audit at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine was held as part of the USAID project “Transparent Energy Sector”. The purpose of the audit is to combat corruption and increase financial transparency of Ukraine’s energy sector.

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