Transparent Energy Project Analysts Decided on the First "Black Boxes"

30 December 2016

Within the USAID Transparent Energy Project, representatives of the DiXi Group Think Tank together with experts and journalists of the public coalition identified the first "black boxes".

"Black boxes" are situations when information about a certain socially important issue in energy markets is missing or hidden.

DiXi Group and its partners have identified the first list of such situations based on the analysis of journalistic investigations that point to corruption or manipulations, as well as the availability of data provided by government authorities. Another source of information about "black boxes" is the information from experts stating that a certain issue involves corruption or manipulations which require thorough examination.

The priority issues that have been supported most include accounting and billing for the supplied heat energy, cash flows of state-owned oil and gas and coal mining companies, coal balance formation, import and sale of oil products.

In the nearest future, investigations will be launched within the USAID Transparent Energy Project which will involve both journalists and experts to reveal and eliminate those "black boxes".

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